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Garden party environment layout and furniture selection


Make the environment more comfortable

Unification is the key to the coordination of different design elements in the garden, and attention must be paid from the initial conception to the final implementation. The pursuit of simplicity is the best way to achieve unity. Repeated use of certain design elements in a garden or the use of color for echoing is also a common and well-known method.

Moderate contrasts can reinforce topics and highlight individuality, which is the best way to avoid mediocrity. But too much contrast will appear confusing and make the eyes nervous. Different shapes, textures and colors can be used for comparison. For example, you can choose two kinds of stones of different textures, such as slate and gravel. You can also use different textures or colors of plants to compare interesting effects.

Color attracts sight, stimulates emotions, and reflects the season. Cool colors of blue, purple, and white bring calm feelings of retreat, while warm colors such as warm red, orange, and yellow are warmly active and have a sense of progress. Using the same color system allows the courtyard to have a simple charm, and the colorful combination of plants is full of fun. Although flowers are treasures in the garden, excessive colors can create visual clutter.

Outdoor furniture choices

To open PARTY in the courtyard, how can you get less outdoor furniture? When we choose furniture, we will generally be more meticulous, but the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thickness and detail. First of all, if you are on the outside for a long time, it is inevitable that the weather will be affected by the sun. Therefore, you have to prepare your home for a certain degree of deformation and discoloration. Generally, most of the wood is selected from Chinese fir and pine. However, you have to be careful about the choice of connectors, because it is related to the sturdiness of outdoor furniture, and it can't be released for a few days.

Therefore, its importance is more important. It must be firmly connected to the ground and fixed by ropes or buried.

In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, it is usually spliced or connected by metal parts. Generally, the metal connection is more rigid than the metal connection. However, the splicing is not only good, but also there is room for movement between the parts under stress. Increased structural stability. Moreover, splicing furniture also has the natural beauty of the garden and the structure, but it must be crafted.

It is recommended to use outdoor furniture made of natural materials such as wood or stone, such as dining tables and chairs made from ash. The wooden and quartzite slabs are contrasted to create a welcoming atmosphere and a warm casual atmosphere.

Fun life outdoors

A PARTY must have unique highlights if you want to make a difference. The layout of the dining environment should be relaxed and intimacy. Potted flower plants placed on the banister and steps of the wooden platform can play a role in embellishing and softening the space. You can also add a few candlesticks, wind chimes, and other decorations to create a harmonious atmosphere in light and sound.

Potted plants are easy to place and replace, especially suitable for people who lack planting experience or have no time to take care of plants. Choosing the right flower tool can create unique styles for simple courtyards. For example, maroon pottery jars and rustic tiles can express a rustic charm. The potted plants are dominated by corners, courtyard edges and steps. The collocation of potted plants should be high and low, you can use more colorful flowers and more herbaceous plants, such as the Eight Treasure Sedum and so on, different beautiful and soft can also soften the corners of the structure in the courtyard is not suitable.

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